Epygi Extended 3Y Warranty Enterprise System

Epygi Extended 3Y Warranty Enterprise System

$1 950.00

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Covers the following systems: QX3000 and


Extended Warranty Option
Epygi offers an extended warranty program available for purchase by end users. This option is
available at the time of purchase, extending the users original warranty for an additional three (3)
years. Combined with the original warranty, the extended warranty would offer a total of five (5)
years protection for European end users and four (4) years protection for non-European end users.

Extended Warranty Statement
Epygi Technologies, LLC extends its Limited Warranty for an additional period of three (3) years
from the date of the termination of the original Limited Warranty period (proof of purchase required).
Epygi reserves the right to revise or update its products, pricing, software or documentation without
obligation to notify any individual or entity.


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