Epygi QXFXS24_GW

Epygi QXFXS24_GW


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FXS ports 24
Ethernet LAN ports 1
Ethernet WAN ports 1

The QXFXS24 can be added to an IP network, therefore allowing existing analog phones to join
the new VoIP network. The system can also be stacked for additional capacity. The QXFXS24 can
be installed with any SIP-compliant IP PBX or plug-and-play with an Epygi IP PBX. This system is
equipped with a number of powerful features not found on standard FXS Gateways, including a
detailed call routing table with digit-manipulation options.

24 Port RJ11 Patch Panel QX-RJPP-0000 $325.00
Twenty-four (24) port RJ11 patch panel with a rear RJ21 male connector. Fits a standard 19 inch rack.

RJ21 Female/Female 15 Foot Cable QX-RJ21-0000 $150.00
Standard RJ21 female/female cable to connect the QXFXS24 to a RJ11 patch panel with a rear RJ21 male connector.


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