Epygi UC20

Epygi UC20



IP Phones 8
Additional IP Phones with keys 24
Total Phones 32
Concurrent Calls 6
Additional concurrent calls with keys 4
Ethernet LAN Port (10/100/1000) 1
Ethernet WAN Port (10/100/1000) 1
Audio In Port 1
Audio Out Port 1
SD Slot 1

Interconnection with QX GatewaysGateways

Maximum          Recommended
QXFX04                         2
QXFXS24                       1

The UC20 IP PBX is designed for offices with as many as 32 users. The UC20 can support up to 32 IP devices and 10 concurrent calls. SIP trunking allows for the UC20 to connect directly to an ITSP with no additional equipment. The UC20 includes a firewall and SIP Intrusion Detection for optimal security. E1, T1, FXO, ISDN BRI and FXS ports can easily be provided using the Epygi QX Gateways.


Key System Features

• Voice Recording Functionality
• Extension Auto Provisioning – Easy and Quick Installation.
• Remote Monitoring through ECMon. (License to be added)
• Built in Budget Controller – No TMS Software needed and Licensed as    standard
• Mobile Client (iQall)
• Conference Bridge Licenses standard
• Built in Password Generator for Enhanced Security. 3 Levels of Passwords (Weak, Medium, Strong) These Levels can be Enforced and reported on.
• Standard Reporting
• Missed Call Report
• Successful Call Report with Quality rating per call.
• Failed Outbound Calls
• Automatic Firmware Upgrade from Epygi Support Portal.
• Built in Call Quality Monitor with Bad Call Quality Notifications (email).
• Security Scan to show any Vulnerabilities. (Provides Security Report)
• Run live Network Trace on Device and Export to use in Wireshark for troubleshooting.


PBX Features
• Auto Attendant with standard and
• customizable scenarios
• Call blocking, forwarding, hold, transfer,
• Call Relay and call waiting
• Caller ID detection and hiding caller ID
• Voicemail system
• Voicemail notification via SMS/email
• Caller ID-based voicemail profile
• Call park, call pickup, paging, intercom
• Distinctive ringing
• Speed dial
• Many Extension Ringing
• Receptionist
• Call hunting
• Call back from Auto Attendant
• Emergency Call Alert
• Hold music
• Call history
• Do Not Disturb
• Global speed dial
• Find Me / Follow Me
• Unified Messaging
• Three-way conferencing
• G3 fax support: T.38 and clear channel fax
• Universal Extension Recordings
• Busy auto redial• Directory assistance
• Phone Book
• Authorized Phones
• Dial plans (call routing), time of day routing
• Scheduling, Day/Night Switching
• Alarm
• Dial & Announce (D&A)
• Class of Service
• Calling Cost Control*
• Call queue
• Call Recording (10 ports)*
• Conference Server*
• Audio (16 ports)/Video (8 ports)
• iQall Mobile Toggling*


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